Adult Health Nurse Degrees

The adult health nurse must complete at least four years of a college degree (bachelor’s) to become a registered nurse or RN before they work specifically as an adult health nurse. With this training, they will be able to work in hospitals, medical offices, residential care facilities, and other environments where adult care is needed. The adult health nurse will have duties such as primary care, management, administering of medications and treatments, patient education and referrals, and health maintenance and management for adults. There are many other duties of this career, and each position will require something different. In addition to the college education that is required to become an adult health nurse, professionals will also be required to obtain licensing as an Advanced Practice Nurse in most states. Some states do not require professional licensing beyond the RN license, but every state has different laws so it is important to know what is expected. The adult health nurse career can easily earn $50,000 on average, although many professionals will earn more with a better education or less if they are new to the career. Future growth is expected to be substantial as these specialty positions become much more demanded into the next decade. Those who have the most education and job experience will find the most career opportunities.

Adult Health Nurse Schools

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