Family Nurse Practitioner Degrees

An advanced degree is required for those who are interested in working as a family nurse practitioner. This position requires at least a master’s degree, although a doctorate degree can be pursued. The family nurse practitioner is responsible for providing medical care to patients in clinics, hospitals, medical offices, and public health agencies. They work under the direction and supervision of the physician and are required to perform duties such as ordering tests, assessing problems, recording patient interaction and health problems, discussing the needs of the patient with other professionals, and other related duties that go above and beyond a traditional nurse but are not equal to what is required of a medical doctor. The nurse practitioner is basically the first contact that the patient has in many medical facilities. These professionals require licensing in addition to their education no matter what state they work in, and can receive a variety of certifications depending on where they want to work or which type of patients they prefer to interact with. The family nurse practitioner can expect to earn about $85,000 on average, although those who have more experience or a higher degree can easily exceed $100,000 in annual income. The career is going to continue to grow in the future as more doctors seek help because they have too much to handle and need assistance. The best positions will go to those who have the most education and job experience.

Family Nurse Practitioner Schools

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