Home Health Aide Degrees

A certificate program is required for those who want to work in the home health aide career, although there are some situations where job training can replace formal education. The home health aide position is one that can be obtained with a CNA education (certified nurse assistant) or through other educational paths that are created specifically for the home health aide. These professionals work within the patients’ homes, providing care to those who are disabled and terminally ill. The duties that they are required to perform include checking vital signs, helping patients with general self-care, errands, cooking, and other chores around the house. Some states require certification for this position, while others will allow job training or voluntary certification from the National Association for Home Care and Hospice to suffice. These professionals work under the supervision of an RN, and are not going to need a lot of technical training since most of their duties are basic care and chore related. The professionals in this industry will earn about $25,000 annually. The future of the home health aide career is positive, and substantial growth is expected into the next decade as the demand for professionals in the home health industry grows with the population.

Home Health Aide Schools

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