Licensed Vocational Nursing Degrees

A certificate program that lasts at least a year is required for professionals who want to work in the licensed vocational nursing industry. These professionals are known as LVNs and will be able to work in any medical setting, although they are most commonly found in hospitals, nursing homes, and residential care facilities. They are responsible for patient care, including bedside care, checking vital signs, administering injections, dressing wounds, helping patients with feeding, dressing, and other areas where they may need it. Ultimately, the LVN position is very much like the nurse assistant or aide position combined with some aspects of the RN position. It is, essentially, a balance of the two. The responsibilities are greater, as is the pay, and there is a licensing exam required for professionals who choose this career. Every state licensing board requires anyone who is going to practice as an LVN to undergo training and take an exam to ensure that they are properly educated. The average annual salary for licensed vocational nursing is around $49,000, but this can vary depending on experience and education. As far as the licensed vocational nursing job outlook is concerned, professionals can expect to find plentiful job opportunities now and into the future because of the growing demand for more healthcare facilities and professionals to work within them.

Licensed Vocational Nursing Schools

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