Medical Informatics Degrees

Medical informatics, a technical classification for those who work in the world of computer applications as they relate to medical care, requires at least an associate degree, although a bachelor’s or master’s degree program will easily create better career opportunities for professionals in this field. Those who hold degrees in medical informatics can find themselves working in medical facilities, hospitals, research laboratories, doctors’ offices, and many other medical settings where they will be utilized. These professionals are generally responsible for providing technical support for various operations and facilities, as well as designing new systems, making purchasing decisions, and training other staff members on how to use the computer applications that are put into place. This type of career does not require any formal licensing beyond the degree that is obtained, but professionals will find that the more training they have, the more opportunities will be available. People who work in the medical informatics field can expect to earn an average salary of $50,000 depending on their skills and experience. Professionals who are just starting out might only earn $30,000 annually, while someone with a master’s degree and a decade of experience might easily earn well over $70,000 or more. The medical informatics career field is only going to grow in the future, as more people find a need for these professionals in the healthcare industry and related areas.

Medical Informatics Schools

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