Nurse Training Degrees

Nurse training positions require formal education at the bachelor’s level or higher. Usually, those who want to become trainers, administrators, supervisors, or educators will obtain at least a bachelor’s degree. Many interested in nurse training will get a Master’s of Science in Nursing or MSN degree in order to be sure that they are the most effective at the position that they will be holding. The professionals who work in nurse training and other supervisory positions will deal with human resources, teaching, knowledge of nursing information, and other related fields more than the practical application of nursing skills that they were taught through their education and hands-on training. These professionals will have to become licensed within their specific state to practice nursing and to teach if that is what they desire to do. State licensing requirements vary depending on the exact position that is sought, as well as the education and experience that a professional is required to have. Salaries for nurse training professionals average around $85,000 annually, as their education usually puts them among the highest paid nursing professionals below the administrative level. The career future for nurse training positions is positive, and substantial growth is expected through the next decade as the demand for nurses increases in the medical industry. Those who have the most training, education, or specific job experience will find the highest-paid positions and best career opportunities.

Nurse Training Schools

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