Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Graduate Nursing Schools

The nice thing about a career in nursing is that, straight out of your undergraduate studies, you’re likely to find a nicely paid position quickly, simply because the demand is so high. While compensation for people who have the bachelor’s is certainly good, if you choose to go on and get your graduate degree, you’ll find that you are eligible for more specialized positions, and even managerial tasks, which ultimately wind up paying a good deal more. The question becomes, what are the best graduate level nursing schools, anyway? There are several worth noting.

One of the best in the country is easily located at the University of Washington-Seattle. This school has been on the top of everyone’s list for several decades now. What makes the school so spectacular? Their staff puts them light years ahead of the competition. They have a tremendously experienced staff with more awards to their names than most schools could ever dream of. It’s not just about the staff, though. University of Washington-Seattle also gives great learning opportunities to their students. There is a large amount of hospitals in the areas that the University maintains close ties to, which means that you’re exposed to the specialty you’re gunning for, and may even get a chance to get hands on managerial experience. This makes the University of Washington-Seattle one of the best graduate level nursing schools in the country.

The University of California-San Francisco is also an excellent graduate level nursing school. For someone who is seeking their master’s in nursing, a school like this, that receives incredibly large amounts of research grants from the government, is a dream come true. You’ll not only get in depth training in the specialty of your choice, but you’ll get exposed to the cutting edge technology and techniques of your field, making you a more desirable applicant at any hospital in the United States. The wide array of specialties the program offers makes the University of California-San Francisco one of the best graduate level nursing schools in the nation.

The nursing school at the University of Pennsylvania is another excellent choice for those seeking their masters in nursing. Their program is one of the hardest in the country to get into, and its selectivity guarantees the kind of one-on-one training that helps pushes individuals in the field of nursing to the top of the ladder. Your odds of getting into the program are better if you received your undergraduate degree in nursing from the same school, but it’s not impossible to get into otherwise. The range of training you receive and the intensity of the program prepares you for some the highest stress positions in medical care, and potential employers are well aware of this. 

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